Our Favorite Spring Photos

Milledgeville is one of those cities that knows how to “do” springtime. The streets are blooming with beautiful flowers, lake life is reawakening on Lake Sinclair, and the air is warming with the promise of breathtaking sunny days to come. We’ve compiled a collection of 10 incredible photos that will make you want to pack your bags and head to Milledgeville for the spring…

Oconee River Greenway | @michelle_hus

Georgia College | @esaunders10

Lake Sinclair | @eg_mullins

Milledgeville, GA | @hugoalejandro13

Lake Sinclair | @lainabooth

Georgia College | @sierrasphoto_

Lake Sinclair | @lyssarawls

Old Governor’s Mansion | @jeff.crain

Milledgeville-Baldwin CVB | @weeks_28

Milledgeville, GA | @wintercreekme

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Author: Avery Mixon

Avery is a senior at Georgia College pursing a degree in Mass Communication. In her free time, you can catch her re-reading her favorite books, sipping lattes at a local coffee shop, or planning her next weekend getaway. Above all, Avery wants to live a life full of purpose and passion and inspire others to do the same.

Instagram: @averymixon

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