5 Inspiring Instagram Backdrops

We all love sharing a beautiful photo on Instagram and we all love Milledgeville.

Often the background is equally as important as the subject in a photo. Here’s our guide to 5 Insta-worthy walls to help you get your perfect shot and these Insta-lovers of Milledgeville doing a great job!

Coca-Cola Mural

1. Coca-Cola Mural

Found in downtown Milledgeville along East Hancock Street, life has recently been restored to this brightly colored mural. {Photo credit to Instagram user Rachel, @_rachel_maret_.}

teal door

2. Teal Door

This pop of color against building facades of brick is found in downtown Milledgeville along North Wayne Street next to The Market Collective. {Photo courtesy of Instagram user @suburbsimmons.}

bartram forest

3. Bartram Forest

Okay, we admit this isn’t a ‘wall’ but the rows and rows of pines look enchanting! {Photo courtesy of Instagram user Olivia, @oliviafrances143.}

mural downtown

4. Downtown Mural

This mural dates prior to my arrival in Milledgeville, but the wear and tear makes it that much better. One can find this wall in the parking lot next to the post office.

Oconee River Greenway

5. Grist Mill

Located along the north trail at the Oconee River Greenway, this wall is a bit more challenging to access. The ruins of the grist mill turned hydro-electric plant in the early 1900s sit along the edge, and in, the Oconee River. {Photo courtesy of Instagram user @jmoore4414.}

So get your Instagram on and remember to share your Milledgeville love with #ilovemilly. 

Author: Bonnie

Meet Bonnie. Bonnie is the social media voice, website whiz and project coordinator for the Milledgeville-Baldwin CVB. Bonnie fell in love with Milly while she attended Georgia College and worked at the downtown staple establishment, The Brick. Now married and chasing a toddler, she appreciates Milledgeville’s family friendly adventures, from walking at the Oconee River Greenway to attending a First Friday.

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