Quirky Milledgeville

Milledgeville has been a bit rebellious in the past, but always had classic beauty and her attraction is undeniable. Milledgeville is quirky and that’s just one reason we love her. Here are 6 quirks that make her so fascinating!

Baked GoodsRyals cookie

As weird as it may be, the most famous treat in Milledgeville is a smiley face cookie from Ryal’s Bakery. You can’t miss this sweet treat when you’re strolling around Milledgeville, and if you ask any local, they’ll point you right to Ryal’s!

Guinness Book of World Records

Milledgeville is the only city in history that has a law on the books that states all trains must stop at red lights. Because of this weird law, set long ago, Milledgeville can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records! Who knew our little town could be known for such an oddity.

Film Industry

Paris Trout PosterThe grounds of Central State Hospital have been home to various Hollywood productions and we’ve even had a Hollywood film based off a story from the 1950’s. From spooky horror films to television shows like The Originals and The Walking Dead, Milledgeville has been home to some real thrillers! And, have you ever heard of the film Paris Trout? That movie was based off of Milledgeville native Marion Stembridge and a crime he committed in the 1950’s right here in town!


Peacock Farm

AndalusiaStill in existence from Flannery O’Connor’s residence in Milledgeville, a local peacock farm sits off the beaten path at Andalusia Farm. You may not see this hidden gem when you’re driving down N. Columbia St., but keep your eyes peeled and definitely make a stop! The peacocks roam the grounds and, if you’re lucky, they’ll let you snap a picture when they’re showing their feathers!

A Trolley named ‘Milly’

Trolley at Old Capitol Building‘Milly’ the Trolley is one of the many modes of transportation here in Milledgeville. That is, if you’re wanting to take a tour. This big red trolley can be seen around town during the weekdays and weekends and gives tourists a great view of the city that they might have missed otherwise. Everyone knows who ‘Milly’ is and it isn’t a stop to Milledgeville without a picture with her!


The DepotMilledgeville is home to train tracks galore and even has a train track dividing the busiest street in town in half! Rumor has it that one time a train was stuck at this busy intersection for several hours and residents climbed into and over the cars in order to talk to each other. The Depot, located on Georgia College’s campus, was once the Milledgeville Train Station and is a beautiful piece of architecture that is a must see.


Author: Hannah

Meet Hannah. Hannah is a senior Mass Communication student at Georgia College, where she will graduate from in May 2016. She is a dog mom to her sweet rescue, Rocko, coffee addict, foodie and overall lover of fun. You can usually find Hannah working at Gringo’s Taqueria in downtown Milledgeville, running around with Rocko at the Oconee River Greenway or, most likely, licking an ice-cream cone outside of SweeTreats. Hannah has been writing for the Milledgeville CVB since January of 2015 and has loved diving into the amazing history and culture of Milledgeville. She hopes you enjoy reading her blogs just as much as she enjoys writing them!

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