Bromance in Milledgeville

As the month of romance comes to a close, we cannot help but think of the love we share for our boys, dudes, bros… aka a bromance.  While Milledgeville is full of historic grace and martini nights, we also offer testosterone fueled bonding.

If you’re looking for a man vs nature type day, look no further than our Lake Sinclair! The pastime of fishing is a local favorite and typically a man’s enjoyment (slimy worms or crunchy crickets – eww!).  One can rent a boat, bring their kayak or just stand on the shoreline to cast their spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs and pigs.  The largemouth bass, crappie, hybrids, catfish and striped bass are the best bets.

Wake-boarding on the Lake
Lake Sinclair also offers the opportunity to skip the gym and get your blood pumping. Consider renting a jet ski for the need for speed and the wind whipping at your face.  Got skills to show your buddies? Wakeboarding! We think the Tweety Bird trick, a whirlybird without using wake for air, is sick.

milledgeville country club
Guys and golf seem to go together like summer and barbeque; if the weather is right, you just have to.  Offering 18 holes over 6,300 yards with a par of 72, Milledgeville Country Club was established in 1957. The course is situated on Lake Sinclair and only minutes from downtown, and for a limited time non-members can experience the Club’s golf course as a member for a day.

Who says spa days are just for women? Loosen up those sore muscles with a Gentleman’s Spa Experience at our Serenity Spa & Salon. The experience includes a gentleman’s facial, 45 minute sports massage, sports manicure, sports pedicure, complementary beverages and spa cuisine.

Buffington's SpecialsGrab the men and head to Buffington’s downtown. Offering local craft beers on tap and menu items  including 100% angus beef burgers, wings and nacho’s called the Diggity Dank – let’s just say you’ll be satisfied. Keep the pitchers filled, Buffington’s night scene includes trivia, acoustic nights and some of the biggest band names in the area.  Or hop to our other downtown establishments and create your own flight of beer; Amici, Aubri Lane’s and The Brick are just a few local favorites, and you may catch live music too!

Still hungry? Keep the brews going and grab some barbeque! A true southern tradition, Georgia Bob’s is located in downtown Milledgeville, or if you’re near Lake Sinclair lick your fingers at Old Clinton BBQ. Both participate in the Brew’s & Q’s passport trail! Dine in 10 establishments, growler shops (Top Dawg in Milledgeville) or breweries on the Trail and receive a free t-shirt!

Whether your bros are old college buddies, family members or co-workers, we hope time spent together will create laughing memories and enhance your relationships (with Milledgeville too). See you soon, unless it is shark week, then come visit later.


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