Milledgeville Free wi-fi

Making the Connection

Free Wi-FiWhile getting away from the hustle and bustle sounds like a great idea at the time, we all know that finding internet is a necessity nowadays. Whether you need to check a few e-mails, chat your best friend that’s miles away, or maybe even read this blog (wink wink), we’ve got you covered for the best wifi spots around Milledgeville! But don’t spend too much time online; get out and explore our beautiful city!

Blackbird Wi-fiCraving some coffee while catching up with friends? Blackbird Coffee is your hot spot. The password to their connection is “drinkcoffee”, and you’ll want to stay for hours soaking up the ambiance and sipping on an iced chai latte. This place fills up fast though, being so close to Georgia College, Georgia Military College and located inside Milledgeville’s downtown, so get there early and reserve your corner table.

LibraryLooking for a quiet spot, surrounded by books and a more homey vibe? Wander on into the Mary Vinson Memorial Library or the Russell Library!, Located on S. Jefferson St, the Mary Vinson Memorial Library is a beloved Milledgeville favorite, with constant activities and always an open computer. If you’re out and about exploring Georgia College’s campus, the Russell Library has a section for the public, designated with personal computers and a helpful attendant! You can’t go wrong with a spot at the library, surrounded by the smell of books, coffee and charm.

Milledgeville's Gringo'sMaybe it’s dinner time, and your boss just sent you an important document! Head on over to Gringo’s, where the tacos are prepared quickly and the wifi is even quicker! Grab a margarita to handle your boss’s e-mail a little better, and munch on a yummy fried fish taco. Piled with fresh, fried jalapenos, coleslaw and chipotle aioli, this taco is a crowd pleaser. Since Gringo’s is located downtown as well, it fills up quickly on weeknights. Make sure to head on in a little early for Happy Hour specials from 4-7 PM!

Whether you’re using Milledgeville as a home away from home, or just a weekend getaway, you’ll definitely stay connected anywhere you go!  Share with us your favorite free wifi spot for an out of office experience.

And now share those photos using #ilovemilly, you have got no excuse.

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