Late Night Fun in Milledgeville

In Milledgeville there is plenty to see and do, including once the sun goes down! Brain teasers are popular in this college town, as well as a chance to take the stage, warm up those vocal chords and show us what you have got!

Tuesday Night:

Marco's PizzaMarco’s at 9:00 PM- Wanting, a more family friendly environment while chowing down on some delicious pizza? Marco’s Trivia night is the place to be! Dip your cheezy bread into yummy ranch while mulling over your answers in this five round game. Don’t feel like shooting for first place? No worries, first and second place here BOTH get a free 5 topping or specialty pizza at their next visit!

The Brick @10:30- For the older, night crowd, The Brick trivia is the place to be! Five rounds with five questions each means a night rocking into the wee hours of the morning. A witty host makes the night even more fun, with jokes and sarcasm flying. Each round you win gets you a free pitcher of beer for the table and if you win the whole night, you win a $40 bar tab! Free alcohol and fun times sounds like the perfect late night in Milledgeville.

Buffington’s @10- In the mood to sing your heart out at karaoke? Buffington’s is the place to be! They keep this place rocking until the last performer wants to perform, so if you’re running late, you’ll still get your chance! Their wide library of music has something for everyone, and they keep their beer cold and their cocktails strong! Come on, one song won’t hurt ya!

Buffington's MilledgevilleWednesday Night:

Buffington’s @8:30- Didn’t get enough trivia on Tuesday? Test your knowledge at this trivia night! With 4 rounds with 10 questions each, your brain will be working overtime. Every round you win gets your team a free pitcher of beer and the overall winner for the night wins $30 in Buff Bucks! Bring the family, or gather a big group of friends; you’ll need some back up with these tough brain teasers.

Thursday Night:

Pickle Barrel MilledgevillePickle Barrel Trivia @8:30- Another night of trivia with the family? You betcha! With 20 questions, this trivia is quicker than the other ones, but not any easier! Grab some yummy beer-battered fries, a nice cold brew and some famous fried pickles, and you’ve got yourself some brain food!

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