Museum House, Stetson-Sanford

A Night (or a Day) at the Museum

Milledgeville is a place of beauty, history and charm. If the history on the streets isn’t enough of a history lesson while you’re wandering through Georgia’s Antebellum capital, take a step into one of our many museums! We promise that (most) of the things don’t come alive after dark.

Natural History MuseumGCSU Natural History Museum

Located in the basement of Georgia College’s Science building, Herty Hall, this museum is dedicated to the earth sciences, specifically the study of fossils and ancient lifeforms. Boasting one of the largest selections of fossils in the Southeast, the artifacts in this museum cover up to 500 million years of lifeforms! Want to take notes on everything you learn here? The website provides in depth charts and worksheets that you can print out before your visit. There’s even one where you can do a Scavenger Hunt in the museum! What makes this 2,500 square foot museum even better is that it’s free! Before you come though, make sure to fill out the provided form from the following link,

Georgia College Museumgeorgia college museum

Open Monday-Friday from 10 AM-4 PM, the Georgia College Museum offers educational programs and visual art exhibitions that entertain and educate! While exhibits circulate frequently, the Georgia College Museum offers a permanent Flannery O’Connor exhibit which honors the works and life of this beloved author. Currently housing an exhibit by artist Michael Oliveri examining an artistic and scientific visual of bug micrographs, the exquisite and interesting exhibits that come through are definitely a must-see while in Milledgeville! And, once again, it’s free for the community! For more information on this intricate museum, visit

Old Capital MuseumOld State Capital museum

Located on the first floor of America’s first Gothic revival style public building, now on Georgia Military College’s campus, the Old Capital Museum preserves the Antebellum era artifacts from the Milledgeville and surrounding Middle Georgia area. Gallery pieces include historic pieces dating back pre-historic Georgia all the way to Reconstruction. Did you know this was the building where Georgia legislators decided to secede from the Union in 1861? Not only does this museum offer a great look back into Georgia’s history, they offer fun activities and giveaways throughout the year. Recently, the museum hosted their annual game day. Guests were treated to lunch and fun day of playing board games and catching up with other members of the community. The museum also takes part in the annual “Moonlight on the Capitol” which includes dinner, dancing, raffles and a silent auction. For more information on the Museum visit:

Stetson-Sanford HouseStetson-Sanford House Museum

Owned by the Old Capital Museum, the Stetson-Sanford house is a beautiful example of Milledgeville’s exquisite architecture and elegance from the past. Built in 1825 by John Marlor, it was originally used as the U.S. hotel, and then the Beecher-Brown Hotel from 1807-1868. Daniel B. Stetson purchased the home in 1857, and the family later donated it to the Old Capital Historical Society in 1966. After touring the Old Capital Museum, head on over to this beautiful house and take a step back into the past. You’ll never know what you might find!

For a complete listing of Milledgeville Museums and Attractions, visit 

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