10 Facts about The Old Governor’s Mansion

Ten Facts about Georgia’s First Executive Residence, The Old Governor’s Mansion:

Old Governor's Mansion, Milledgeville

  1. The Old Governor’s Mansion is an example of High Greek Revival architecture. It was completed in 1839 by Charles Clusky, who was a noted architect and Irish immigrant.
  2. Milledgeville's Old Governors MansionDuring the notorious “Sherman’s March to the Sea,” General William T. Sherman claimed the mansion as a “prize” on November 23, 1864.
  3. Sherman arrived in Milledgeville in a freezing rain in the late afternoon and was surprised to find the house stripped of carpets, curtains, and furniture of all sorts.
  4. In 1973, the mansion was designated as a National Historic Landmark and is also an accredited museum of the American Alliance of Museums.
  5. In 1889, the mansion was used as the founding building, and most treasured building, of Georgia Normal and Industrial College (now known as Georgia College).
  6. A year-round lecture series takes place at the mansion, and features topics on regional topics and historical events of Milledgeville and the surrounding area. They are also free to the public! **
  7. Christmas at the Old Governors Mansion MilledgevilleBeginning around Thanksgiving every year, the mansion offers a beautiful set-up known as “Christmas at the Mansion.” Candlelight tours are offered in December while regular tours also continue during this time. You don’t want to miss the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations inside the mansion! **
  8. Every March, the mansion hosts the annual Historic Doll Wedding and High Tea. This event offers a historic reenactment of Mary Virginia Brown’s famous doll wedding as well as full historic tea with authentic recipes. **
  9. This past April marked the 10 year anniversary of the mansion’s restoration to the mansion’s appearance c1851. With re-exposed pine floors, as well new air conditioning diffusers and re-structuring of some of the main aspects of the mansion, it looks better than ever!
  10. Dome in the MansionThe Old Governor’s Mansion is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 AM – 4 PM and Sunday from 2 PM-4 PM, except on holidays, the week after Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas. For tour prices, visit: http://www.gcsu.edu/mansion/tours.htm

**For more information about the dates, times and visitor’s information on the events happening at the mansion, visit: http://www.gcsu.edu/mansion/events.htm

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